carrick bend

click here for score sample in pdf (pages 42-43)

year: 2005     

instrumentation: 1120; 1110; guitar; harp; piano; 3 perc; solo sax; 11121     

duration: 13'

commissioned by: Stroma

funded by: Creative New Zealand

premiered: Stroma / Hamish McKeich cond. / Lars Mlekusch saxophones 17.07.2005

programme note: This work might be seen as a survey, from one end to the other, of a symmetrical, double-ended knot, where one thread is made of a sonic imagining of wire and the other of silk. Myriad loops and elbows, dippings under and over and threadings of eyes give rise to possibilities for certain meldings of materials, collisions of density, flavour and colour. Considered one of the most secure methods of tying two lines together, the Carrick Bend, like all bend-knots, has loose ends.