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year: 2005     instrumentation: 3322; 4431; hp; timp; 2 perc; strings    duration: 11'

awarded: Panel Prize, 2006 Douglas Lilburn Prize

recording: New Zealand Symphony Orchestra / Hamish McKeich - a Radio New Zealand Concert recording

programme note: circuit:spiral is one possible commentary on the nature of recurrence, both real and imagined. Materials are reused at fairly short intervals in a spiral or coil framework, sometimes quoted exactly, often altered drastically and always recontextualised to achieve a sense of continual development.

The composer is interested in first reactions to pieces of new music: does the mind recall sonic events and conjure meaningful relationships between them, or, in the absense of repeated hearings, is the new musical experience heard simply as fantasia?

circuit:spiral was written for the 2006 Douglas Lilburn Prize, for which it won the Panel Prize component.