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click here for score sample in pdf (pages 1-8)

year: 2017           instrumentation: baroque quartet          duration: 6'
premiere: by Katapult at the Metropolis New Music Festival 2017, Melbourne Recital Centre, 4 May 2017

programme note: This work is my response to a request from Dylan Lardelli for a new work for a quartet of traverso flute, baroque guitar, baroque violin and bass viol. These are instruments whose very special sounds are coaxed out; they don't arrive with the immediacy of their descendent equivalent instruments. I have exploited this need for space in which to 'speak' by withholding this space in the expectation that the listener will hear more of the raw constituent materials of the instruments; the creaking of the fibres of the wood, the small contractions of the glues and resins, the torque and stretch of gut, the strain on the joins painstakingly carved by the maker...

I am indebted to Dylan for his forbearance and kindness during the composition of this piece, to my family for their support and to the players for their willingness to be adventurous.