double duo

click here for score sample in pdf (pages 1-8)

year: 2016           instrumentation: bassoon and string trio          duration: 6'

programme note: This quartet for bassoon and string trio operates as a duo between bassoon and violin, in which these instruments are coloured, commentated on, resonated and shadowed by, respectively, viola and cello. The bassoon and violin exist in a world of traditional notation while the musical materials of their auxiliaries ‘float’ in relation to them. I’m seeking simultaneous strictness and looseness, the tightness of the traditionally-scored interactions between bassoon and violin mitigated by the space- time, reactive commentaries of their pairings.

double duo builds on tag (and release) (2012) and sundry good (2014), works which freed me from the constraints of computer feedback during their composition and the necessity of a conductor during performance. These three works are the basis for further research that will hopefully involve animated scores and fixed media elements.