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year: 2005   instrumentation: 2222; 4331; 1 perc; Balinese gamelan; strings  duration: 9'

commissioned by: Nusantara Symphony Orchestra

premiered: Jakarta 01.09.2005

further performances: Yogyakarta 03.09.2005, Jakarta 29.09.2005, Osaka 04.10.2005, Tokyo 06.10.2005, Jakarta 09/10.06.2008

programme note: jangeran was commissioned by the Nusantara Symphony Orchestra ostensibly for on-tour performances in Tokyo and Osaka as part of the Asian Orchestra Week 2005. Essentially a fairly obviously shaped and simple elaboration of a supplied Balinese melody that is made to cross between orchestra and gamelan ensemble, the real story of jangeran is not in its East-West musical treatments, but in the nature of the East-West exchanges between orchestra and composer behind the scenes.

Though it is one of his most-performed works, the composer has never been supplied with a recording and was unaware until after the fact that the work had been performed as "part of a medley", and sometimes with dancers and choral parts added. The work was also, at one time, subject to a dispute (resolved) over artistic ownership.

These grievances have given way to a general fascination (on the part of the composer) with the differences in preconceptions and expectations of people from different cultures.