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Andrew Uren performs mandible year: 2005           instrumentation: solo bass clarinet          duration: 6'

commissioned by and dedicated to: Andrew Uren

premiered: World Bass Clarinet Convention, Rotterdam, 2005

other performances: Sean Rice, Juilliard School, New York, 01.02.2006; Anna McGregor, Auckland, 19.07.2008; numerous additional performances by Andrew Uren

recording: Andrew Uren, Adam Concert Room; engineer: James Dunlop

programme note: mandible was written for Andrew Uren's appearance at the World Bass Clarinet Convention in Rotterdam, in 2005.

It explores, along with conventional playing, the use of teeth-on-reed squealing effects. The work has been performed on numerous occasions by Andrew Uren, with additional performances by Sean Rice and Anna McGregor.

(Pictured: Andrew Uren performing mandible in Wellington).