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year: 2008           instrumentation: 3222; 2220; 1perc, celesta, harp; solo violin; strings
duration: 11'

programme note: An ogee ("oh-gee") is a particular shape of moulding used in the application of interior trim in dwellings. This shape is somewhat reflected in the contours of the soloist's line at bar 4 and elsewhere.

This violin concerto was recorded by violinist Justine Cormack and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, conductor Hamish McKeich at the Michael Fowler Centre.

The composer wishes to thank Dr Jack C. Richards for generous financial support that made this recording possible. He also thanks SOUNZ, the NZSO and Justine Cormack and Radio New Zealand Concert. The recording was engineered and produced for broadcast and streaming by Radio New Zealand Concert as part of the NZSO-SOUNZ-RNZC Recordings scheme.

ogee was a finalist in the 2019 SOUNZ Contemporary Award.