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175 East's performance in Auckland, 18/11/2011

year: 2011         instrumentation: flute, clarinet and bass trombone        duration: 3'

for: 175 East         premiered: 175 East cond. Samuel Holloway

further performances: 175 East cond. Hamish McKeich

programme note: The formula for realising this work:

- take existing quartet (2010)
- delete guitar and cello parts
- rearrange and pare down surviving flute and clarinet parts
- add bass trombone part


- I've been interested in continuous recontextualisation of materials (transformed or unchanged) within single works for some time now; if I rip entire chunks from an existing piece and use them to build something else, to what extent is the resulting work new, and to what extent is it related? - and can this relatedness even be detected? Furthermore, is composing in my usual mode as dependent on such high levels of compositional struggle as I had previously held it to be?

- but primarily: this is the first work written since the arrival of my son about a year ago; time for composition remains limited and rapid solutions must be found