...vers libre...

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click below to see the complete performance by 175 East in Christchurch, October 2008

year: 2002     

instrumentation: flute, clarinet and guitar     

duration: 10'

premiered: Nelson Composers Workshop 2002

concert premiere: ACL Forum, Seoul, Korea 2003

other performances (each with Dylan Lardelli, guitar): Musikhochschule Lübeck 2006; Christchurch and Auckland with 175 East 2008; Melbourne 2012 with Kim Tan (fl) and Aviva Endean (cl)

recording: Kirsten Eade (fl), Andrew Uren (cl), Dylan Lardelli (gt), Ewan Clark (cond), Adam Concert Room; engineer: Michael Parsons

programme note: Scored for guitar, flute and B-flat clarinet, …vers libre… (translating "free verse", though with allusions to "towards something free") threads through a succession of musical landscapes, punctuated by colouristic events and frequent upheavals in pulse (governed by metric modulations).

The work was premiered at the Nelson Composers' Workshop by Dylan Lardelli (guitar), Kirstin Eade (flute), Andrew Uren (clarinet) and Ewan Clark (conductor) in July 2002 and recorded later that month by the same musicians at Victoria University's Adam Concert Room. It received its concert premiere by Dylan Lardelli (gt.), Hiyeun Chun (fl.) and Younggun Lee (cl.) at the 2003 ACL Forum in Seoul, Korea (pictured, above, in rehearsal). Performances in Germany, Christchurch and Auckland have followed, with Dylan Lardelli as guitarist on each occasion.

...vers libre... is published by Waiteata Press (left) and features on a CD (right) of works by emerging New Zealand composers.